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Which exit game to play first in the Calgary?

16 december
Which exit game to play first in the Calgary?

If you plan on playing an exit game at escape hour then I would recommend "The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar." Out of all the rooms that are currently available, this one is the easiest. The complexity of the rooms is measured in a rating of one through five. "The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar" has a complexity rating of two and all the other rooms have a complexity rating of three and up. To give you some information about what you'll be doing, here is a summary. You work in a museum in 1930. Your coworker has discovered the jewel and is afraid of it being stolen by a warlord. Your coworker has hidden it and is depending on you to find it before the warlord. You have 60 minutes.

That is a plot that is simple to follow which is why I recommend it. None of the plots are difficult to understand, but having an easy plot will make your experience much more enjoyable. It evens uses your emotions to motivate you by telling you that your coworker is depending on you as he is in danger. Even though no one is really in danger, the illusion that someone you know and care about is in grave danger makes the experience more intense.

These escape room games can be a ton of fun. However, I think if you want to get the best experience out of it, you start with the simple games first and then work your way up the ranks. I know people want to try to solve the hardest puzzle first, but doing the simple ones first will get you adjusted to how the games work making the chance of you solving the hardest mysteries much more likely. But the most important thing to remember while playing is to have fun!