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How to Make a Game Escape Room at Home in Calgary

16 november 2019 year
How to Make a Game Escape Room at Home in Calgary

You can transform a certain space in your home into an escapehour room and experience a real adventure from the comfort of your couch. There is a wide array of options for making a game escape room at home in Calgary. Take a look!

Choose a spacious room

To create an escape room at your home, pick a room with a good space so that all the players can feel at home and move comfortably as they search for the clues and work together. For making the game more challenging, you can use more than one room and allow guests to unlock the doors while advancing through different levels of the game.

Brainstorming the theme

Each great escape room begins with a great theme. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to choosing a unique theme for the business. 

Choosing a unique theme is considered to be the foundation and base of the escape rooms. Picking the right theme will be beneficial in creating an immersive experience with family and friends.

Come up with a storyline, according to the settings and theme of your home

As you come up with a unique storyline, you will be capable of ensuring that there is an objective of this escape room. Whether the players need to break into the next room for diffusing the bomb or they have to reach the locker room to deliver secret intel, make sure that the storyline is logical and understandable for the players.

Determine the end objective

If you are planning to create a puzzle room, it is essential to have a definite ending as it leaves the players satisfied and accomplished. The ultimate reason behind creating escape games is having a fun and amazing experience. 

While creating the exit game, you should ensure that the puzzles are not too challenging. Instead, choose one that can be solved by the group with some efforts. However, do not make it too easy as it will ruin the excitement of the game.