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4 Interesting Thing To Do With Family in Calgary

2 january 2017 year
4 Interesting Thing To Do With Family in Calgary

When an entire family has finally a free weekend to spend together, there is left only one question — Where to go? There are plenty of things to do with family outside the house. You just need to look for them. Surely to find some great attractions for families can be a tough task. But if you are in Calgary for the weekends and you are looking for the fun family outing ideas, you might find useful to read this article. Let’s discover together what are the most interesting 4 things to do with family in Calgary.

First of all, since we are covering interests of an entire family it is sometimes hard to offer only a few places which will fit everyone’s tastes, both youth and elders. So let’s break the set of possible activities in Calgary into four different subgroups. There will be enlisted some great ideas which are perfectly good for four different types of family’ activities: for nature lovers, for history freaks, for families with little kids and for families who have already tried and seen everything in Calgary (or at least who think so).

Embracing the nature

So let’s start with outdoor activities and see what sights Calgary might offer for the nature lovers. If are talking about warm time of the year then there is nothing as nice as little outing or a trip to one of the local parks. Sounds so simple but, honestly ,there aren’t many things that can beat the beauty of park picnic’s simplicity.

What can be better to have all your loved ones around you while you are making barbeque for them. Or to watch your kids playing frisbee while you are relaxing with your partner. So there is a clear reason why we put basically any part of the city on the list of the best locations for the family activities.

Although, if you are looking for something more interesting and more sophisticated for some special occasions the Bow Habitat Station is for you. It’s an eco park where you get engaged with the wildlife and all types of the water ponds, wetlands and huge fish aquariums.

Traveling through history

Next step for those who are not so good with engaging into the nature and prefer more intelligent way of spending their holidays. Maybe museums might sound like something boring for the younger generation, although it is pretty important to show how mistaken this perception can be. Calgary is offering a number of great attractions for those who want to explore the history of the city and the country as a whole.

Since we were just talking about the parks, let’s start with the Heritage Park Historical Village. First of all, let’s just mention that it is the largest history living museum in Canada which gives you a taste of life from 1864 right to the 1950s.

Once you already felt the spirit of the past and lived through those ages, it is highly recommended to visit the Fort Calgary. Here as well you can spend fine time testing how was the life at the both sides of the law and enjoy special programs for the holidays.

Engaging all ages

When we are talking about family with kids, especially with little kids, it should be encountered how hard can be to organize the trip, and to keep children’s attention during the trip. To keep a child away from boredom (otherwise you will dedicate your time mainly to entertaining kids, rather than enjoying time together) you should pick something suitable for all members of the family, from the most little ones to the oldest. And what can make the work better than the trip to the zoo. Especially to the «Calgary zoo» which is offering:

  1. Wide variety of wildlife.
  2. Prehistoric areas.
  3. Botanic gardens.

First trip to the zoo can be one of the best memories from the childhood. Discovering new animals can be both entertaining and educating. And just for the kids! You will literally have a world tour while you are still in the zoo, walking the paths from one continent to another, from African and South American wildlife and back to Canadian one.

But there is more! Even if you decided to finish the tour over the entire zoo but still have some energy left, the park has few more places to amuse you. If your worldwide expedition was well taken by all the members of the family, how about going beyond our time and traveling back to the prehistoric times. Seeing full-scale models of dinosaurs — this is something that will impress even an adult.

If that’s still not enough for you, zoo also has Botanical gardens, for those who prefer more peaceful way of resting after the continental trip. There you can find your peace and have some quality time along with yourself or with one another. Also it’s a great place to finish your zoo excursion because such a beautiful and calm place will help to soothe your kids impressions of all the animals they have just seen. So, as you see, it has everything you might wish for the family fun activities with little children.

Real Escape Games

After listing traditional forms of the interesting things to do on weekend here is one special activity among all the possible fun things to do with your family. And that is the real life escape room game. That’s truly something unique and exciting for an entire family. Moreover, if you consider yourself as an expert who knows everything about Calgary, this location is definitely for you. It is something not yet that much popular as the places mentioned above but it has great potential soon to become one in the leading position.

By playing the Real Escape Games you will definitely organize a great competition day among the family members if you split into two teams and will play against each other by competing who will get out faster. Or you can get to work all together as one team and see how awesome you can work as a single unit. Anyway, there are lots of options to go. Just pick a room to start, find and solve all the riddles and move on to the next one.