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How Escape Room Build Better Communications Skills?

1 may 2017 year
How Escape Room Build Better Communications Skills?

What was your latest team building experience? Going to a bar or making a barbecue at your friend’s house? Finally, there is a better option that is not only a fun one but also one that helps with improving group communication within the team. So next time you are planning a corporate event, check the list of escape rooms in your city and book a game in one of them. Do this several times and you’ll see the significant rise in the group communication and overall company performance.

Good communication skills are also very important for families — both for kids and for adults. Once you learn how to work together to solve the riddles and exit the room, you will be able to transfer this experience to your everyday life and become a happier, more united family. So how does the escape room build better communication skills?

It teaches you how to listen

The first thing that happens when a group of friends or colleagues enters the escape quest is the complete chaos. Everyone is running all around the room, yelling at each other, grabbing the game objects and trying to put all the details together in this pretty disorganized atmosphere.

But then, something happens and you understand that you need to listen to each other to exit the room. Everyone has something to say and each thought can become a game-changer, just like in the real life. So if you think your team has problems with listening, you can build the better communication skills with escape room.

It teaches you how to work under the time pressure

When you are closed in the escape room, you are not only limited in space but also in time. Most of the escape games will give you an hour to exit while some of the more difficult ones can grant you one and a half or even two hours. It means you can’t spend a lot of time planning and need to think and act quickly and with a high level of concentration (with your family or colleagues in the same place, don’t forget).

Such activities can highly improve your concentration and communication skills while working under the time pressure that you can later apply to your working projects.

It helps you build a strong team

It’s especially important when there are many new members on the team who seem to be shy or don’t know how to interact with the others. Close everyone in the room for an hour and in the end, you will likely get a team that knows how to work with each other and feels much more relaxed while communicating.

This is one of those ways to improve communication that doesn’t take much time, efforts and money (when compared with professional trainings and seminars) but can lead to the very positive results. But if you want to improve communication skills with escape room, make sure you allocate teams in a wise way with the new members combined with the more experienced ones to get the better result.

It teaches you how to value each contribution

When playing the escape quest, even the smallest object found or the most unexpected guessing voiced can lead your team to the victory. That’s why escape quests teach you to stop doing everything by yourself, delegate tasks and thus respect even the smallest contribution from the team members.

This skill will come in hand while working on a large project with a lot of people and even while doing the routine things with your family like Sunday cleaning or cooking the dinner. It may sound weird but using escape room for improving communication skills can really affect your professional and family life, especially if you play regularly.

It helps you know more about each other

Real life escape quest can help you learn more about your co-workers, friends or children so you can know how to communicate with each of them to avoid conflicts and come to compromise when the controversial point occurs.

To do this, watch the members of your team carefully while you play and you will be impressed of how much you don’t know about them. You can find out that your kid is a perfect logical thinker, your quiet co-worker can solve the most difficult riddles and your boss is not really into closed spaces (we are not sure how exactly this information can help you but you never know).

So if you’ve been wondering how to improve communication skills to live better and more productive life, escape quests can be the answer you were looking for. We recommend playing them if you want to:

  • hold an effective team building event;
  • spend the quality time with your family;
  • have fun and improve your skills at the same time.

Unlike some other ways to level up communication skills, escape rooms don’t take much time and you don’t need to organize anything by yourself — just book a room and the Game Masters will do everything else. When you are at the location, follow several simple rules to make this experience comfortable both for you and for your team and to exit the room successfully, of course:

  • Choose the room that will fit all of you (there are large escape rooms in Calgary and in other cities as well).
  • Carefully listen to the initial tutorial and all the hints and tips given by the Game Master.
  • Don’t overreact even if something goes wrong — you are here to have fun and improve your communication skills and not to argue.

You see, the rules are simple and the result can be impressive. Book your escape room right now and start exploring your social skills to know yourself and those close to you better.