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6 Rules For Playing Room Escapes with Live Actors

27 april 2017 year
 6 Rules For Playing Room Escapes with Live Actors

Escape quests have quickly become a popular family activity both in Calgary and all around the world. They’ve come a long way from the simplest quests with casual game plots and modest designs to the first escape room with actors that turned the whole playing process on its ear. In the escape quests like these, you are not only solving the riddles interacting with different things in the room but also meeting professional actors that can influence the game outcome.

The actors at room escape either help you by giving the hints and tips or aim to frighten you and hold you back from winning — it all depends on the specific game rules and, besides this, on how you communicate with the performers. To make your escaping experience pleasant and effective both for your team and for the characters, we’ve created this short list of rules for playing room escapes with live actors — follow them and your chances to win and level of happiness will increase.

Don’t get scared

Horror-themed quests are a big hit today — it’s a cool way to spend an hour with the friends or company team and become a part of the scary movie for a while. And it’s the horror-themed escape quests which are more likely to involve the live performers as they can bring the fear to the new level. And this fear can often hinder your movements or make you scream and run instead of solving the puzzles. So the first rule is — don’t get too afraid when you see the scary human in the dark room. Even though it’s creepy as hell, they will never hurt you. Do your job while they are doing theirs to exit the room before the time runs out.

Keep an eye at the actor

The live performers working in the live escape games play their roles a few times a day, every day, every week. It means they very well know how to solve all the riddles, where are the keys from all the secret doors, and how to exit the room as quick as possible. So if you watch them carefully, you can see them subconsciously looking at the hidden objects. Besides, looking at the specific object or facing the specific side can be the part of their task so be on the lookout for any hints.

Listen carefully

The escape rooms with live actors usually have a long and interesting story that they are based on. You will be told a small part of this story and the playing tutorial before entering the playing room while the rest of the plot details will be disclosed to you by the performer. To get the most fun of your gaming experience, you need to listen to everything the performer is saying whether it’s the story or the tips concerning the puzzles. Try not to miss anything as even the smallest detail said by the actor can lead you to exit.

Respect the actor

This advice is obvious for most of the people but we can’t skip it anyway. Even though the escape room that uses live actor is the game, the rules of the real world still apply here and you should never forget that you are interacting with the real person. Even if you are very scared in the horror-themed room, you should never beat the worker or harass him or her in any way. If any problem occurs, the players can push the button or use any other way to contact your Game Master watching the game from the outside to solve the issue in a nice and civilized way. Remember that if you break this rule, the game will more likely be stopped for you immediately.

Remember — actor is the significant part of the game

When the room escape games include live actors, the whole game process completely changes. While in the regular escape quest you only interact with the inanimate objects, here some of the game events are triggered by the actor. To trigger the events that will lead you to the successful exit, you may need to:

  • Give the object you found to the performer.
  • Take an object from the performer so you can use it in the game.
  • Tell something to the performer to move through the game plot.

So, the next important rule is to remember that now you are not alone in the room. When you are stuck and don’t know what to do next, you may need to turn your attention to the actor to find the answers.

Enjoy the game

When you think about the real life escape games, the main aim here is actually not to exit the room as fast as you can but to have as much fun as it’s possible. Now, when the escape rooms have live actors playing their roles inside, you can have even more fun if you do everything right. When the performer sees that you are ready to play and interact, he or she will make your game funny and interesting. Otherwise, they can turn your game into the most boring hour in your life. So never ignore the performers and make sure you are having fun with them.

In general, escape quests with the live performers are extremely funny if you follow these simple rules. They can be the perfect choice for those who have tried all the regular escape quests in town and are looking for something new. Beginners may find them a little bit difficult so if you’ve never been to the escape quest before, we recommend starting with the simpler version and then moving to the game with the live characters. Inside the room, everything depends on how you treat the performers and whether you interact with them or not. Don’t forget about it and you will get the perfect hour full of riddles and puzzles.