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Playing Room Escapes with Children

30 april 2017 year
Playing Room Escapes with Children

Playing real life escape quests is entertaining and challenging but playing room escapes with children is the whole new experience. On the one hand, it’s a perfect way to spend a family weekend together and brighten your usual routine, on the other hand, it can be quite irritating if you are not ready for this. Just imagine yourself closed in a room with a child that doesn’t really understand what is going. If you are brave enough to try the room escape games for kids, check our list of recommendations to avoid all the difficulties and get the fun and positive impressions only.

Make sure your kid is ready

Escape quests are perfect for the adults but not all the children like them, believe it or not. If you know that your kid is not really into focusing on details and specific tasks, prefer open spaces or just can get too loud and overreacting, you should probably wait for a couple more years to bring them to the escape game. None of you will feel comfortable when the child is too small so you’d better go to the playground this time.

Choose the right room

When choosing the location, make sure you are going to the kid friendly escape room. This information is usually stated on the company’s website, otherwise, you can call and ask the employees. Luckily, nowadays you can find at least one children friendly escape room in every relatively small city (and there are several in Calgary).

The fun escape games for kids are, obviously, not scary and don’t involve too many complicated puzzles and riddles. We know that you will come to the rescue but the room will quickly become boring for children if they can’t solve anything. If you are playing with a small child, check the room for the small objects that can be accidentally inhaled or swallowed.

Let your kid be on the top of things

While solving the riddles can be difficult for children and they will hardly find the solution to the complicated head scratcher, they will definitely love searching for the hidden objects. And we bet they will do this better than you. So the best option to win the game is to join forces and let your children look up and down while you are racking your brain over the puzzle. In the escape rooms, objects are often hidden in the weird places:

  • inside the book;
  • under the chair;
  • behind the picture on the wall, etc.

So if your kids are stuck, ask them to look at the places like this but don’t do it by yourself.

Let them open the lock

In the children’s room escape games, there are usually quite a lot of safety lockers, numeric and other kinds of locks that can’t be really cracked by children and will need your brain to find the right code or choose the right key. But when the hard job is done, leave the rest of it to the children and let them enter the numbers or turn the key to open the lock. You’ll be impressed of how excited they will get.

Don’t ask for help

And let them do it! If you are having a hard time solving the riddles and think you need some tips from your Game Master, let your kid be the one who pushes the button or uses the walky-talky to ask for a hint. They will like to trigger the events and, moreover, you can skip bruising your precious ego and pretend you have already known the answer.

Give them a hint

Children playing escape the room game will want to take the active part in what is going on so let them solve the puzzles even if they seem to hard to them. Don’t scream the answer out loud once you get it — better give your children a hint and let them guess by themselves. It’s a good way to train their brains and memory and it will positively affect their self-confidence.

Come to the rescue

If you see that the kid is having problems with the puzzles, lockers or whatever else there could be in the room and starts getting upset or angry, rush for help and gently show him or her what to do. Sometimes, hints just don’t work and you will have to do everything by yourself (and you were definitely secretly hoping for it).

Have fun

When you come to the escape room with your friends, your main goal is to solve all the puzzles and exit the game as quick as possible. But the things change when you enter the room with kids and now your aim is to have as much fun as you can and spend the perfect funny hour together even if you don’t win.

Playing with children takes more time and you will probably have to spend long minutes explaining to them what to do but it’s worth it as, in the end of the game, you will see their happy and confident eyes. So don’t get sad when you don’t win — just get back to your childhood and have some fun.

Looks like it is possible to take your kids play escape games and don’t get exhausted. The main task is to find the right location where you can relax and play without being worried about the safety issues. There are special escape rooms made for children only but they can be quite boring for the adults. We believe it’s better to choose the regular escape room that is at the same time kids friendly so you can have fun all together.