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Turn Boredom into Fun with Escapehour

26 july 2021 year
Turn Boredom into Fun with Escapehour

The onset of summer and the memories of past summer holidays can make you feel completely frustrated, bored, and stuck inside your house.

Indeed, the recent worldwide restrictions on movement and public health concerns have resulted in many of us staying indoors for most of our time.

Have Intense Fun without Leaving the Safety of Your Home

The restrictions have relaxed a bit. And you can now spend considerable time outside. However, social distancing requirements may frustrate your efforts to have fun.

These challenges don't necessarily mean the end of the fun summer days as we know them. Escape hour offers you unrivaled adventure and fun without compromising your safety and health.

And it gets better.

You don't have to leave the comfort of your warm house to enjoy Escapehour. Calgary escape rooms take away that feeling of you getting stuck with your family members and friends and replace it with endless fun.

Build an escape room today and transform your house into a summer camp. The beauty of this adventure is that even the kids and the elderly can participate and add fun to the quest game.

Build Your Escape Room on a Great Storyline

The first step to take when designing your escape room is to develop a creative story in which you can incorporate your puzzles.

As is the case with any other interesting game, players need targets to conquer.

Your narrative must have a formidable theme. For instance, you could adopt the setup of law enforcement agents trying to capture a notorious drug dealer. Or, you could also make your players assume the role of soldiers trying to escape their bunker, which enemy combatants have surrounded.

Once you have a strong storyline, you could include creative, fun, and engaging puzzles and clues that will suck your family members, roommates, or friends into the game.

Adding Puzzles and Challenges

Your escape room will not be complete and exciting without challenges and obstacles that require your players to use tact, creativity, and problem-solving skills to overcome. Adding clues in mysterious places such as a locker room can really add to the excitement.

Engage the Players Using Mysterious Music

You could even decide to increase the intensity and suspense of the game by placing a countdown timer or playing the sound of a ticking clock on the loudspeakers.

Additionally, you can incorporate enigmatic music, whose tempo changes periodically, which could help to immerse the players into the game.