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Visiting an Escape Room for the First Time: What I Need to Know?

3 weeks ago
Visiting an Escape Room for the First Time: What I Need to Know?

The escape room is an exciting game that has become very popular around the world lately. There are escape rooms for corporate parties, couples, kids, etc. You can choose the entertainment that interests you the most. Escape Hour is the best place to get an unforgettable escape experience. But there are several vital aspects that you should know before visiting the escape room for the first time. Below we will tell you more about this.

What Is Important to Remember When Playing the Escape Game for the First Time?

To get the most positive experience from the first visit to the escape room, it is necessary to know about the allowed number of players and their age, the time to complete the game, restrictions on interaction, and the choice of the direction of the escape game. It is also worth knowing how to start the game, quickly solve puzzles and find a way out, where to get hints, etc.

Number of Participants

First, you should understand that the game process can be effective only if there is a team. Many clues involve the cooperation of several participants. Therefore, at least two people are required to solve logical tasks. Escape games for teambuilding are usually played in a team of 5-6 people.

Age of Players

Everyone, regardless of age, can become an escape room member. However, the participants` age usually determines the genre and the complication of the game.

Game Time

By default, 60 minutes are allotted for the game. However, the time can be increased at the request of the participants.

Interaction Restrictions

No brute force is allowed in the escape room. All used mechanisms and objects can wear out and break. Therefore, participants are required to use the available items carefully.

Genre Selection

Before visiting the escape room, you need to decide on the choice of game genre. It can be theatrical, adventure, detective, or any other genre. The choice is based on the preferences of the participants.

The Very First Things to Do in the Escape Room

Once in the escape room, the first thing you need to do is carefully inspect it. You should not rush, but you should also not forget about time because it is limited. Instead, try to walk around the room and notice the location of important items. There are always some tables, boxes, and other elements that hide clues for solving the quest game.

How to Solve All Puzzles Quickly

Each item in the escape room can be part of a puzzle or a clue. Therefore, you should be as careful as possible and not lose sight of anything.

Paying attention to team play is the key to successfully completing the game. Therefore, it is crucial to work together and communicate regularly. This approach will allow you to solve all the puzzles quickly and efficiently, and you will get out of the escape room even before the set time.

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