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4 Reasons Why VR Games Are Gaining Much Popularity In 2021

2 february 2022 year
4 Reasons Why VR Games Are Gaining Much Popularity In 2021

Modern gadgets can immerse you in augmented reality. It is not a new field of technology nowadays. And if virtual reality was achieved with the help of bulky and uncomfortable helmets earlier, now they have been replaced by new devices for watching movies in VR mode or games with the effect of presence. Such devices work with computers, set-top boxes, or smartphones.

They say that those who have been in virtual reality at least once become fans due to the unusual feeling that appears due to the immersion effect. Furthermore, experts guarantee that the quality of this effect will only grow, and we all will live in several realities one day.

How Are VR Games so Popular?

The VR industry is actively developing. It is facilitated by the emergence of 3D technologies, high-quality digital graphics, and sound equipment. As a result, fans of non-standard entertainment today have the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual reality experience an adrenaline rush in realistic conditions of forgotten cities, mysterious caves, complex labyrinths, skyscraper roofs, dark corridors, etc.

  1. Stress relief

Researchers from the University of Central Florida have shown that a short break for a VR game relieves stress much more than inactivity with a complete rejection of gadgets and even meditation. But it is essential to find a really enjoyable game to play.

  1. Socialization

In 2015, the Pew Research Center published a study on how gamers aged 13-17 are socialized through online games. It turned out that 36% of children made friends through VR games.

  1. You become smarter and remember information better

VR games can positively influence memory, help solve complex problems, build algorithms, and improve attentiveness and other cognitive abilities. It turned out that in video game lovers, the right side of the hippocampus (which is responsible for memory) increases over time.

It turns out that those who play VR games solve complex problems using far fewer areas of the brain than those who ignore such entertainment.

  1. Curiosity and broadening your horizons

Some games captivate and motivate you to study any science or make you travel to the country where the action takes place.

Many of the abilities honed by such games are considered the basic building blocks of intelligence. For example, they help improve spatial attention, develop the ability to track moving objects, reduce impulsivity, and help overcome dyslexia. Also, VR games improve the brain's ability to multitask and increase the flexibility of the mind.


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